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Rosslyn Dance
Community Offers

 Rosslyn Dance
is a Recreational Dance Program that offers dance classes for children 3 years of age to Adults,in Ballet, Jazz, And Hip-Hop.


Intro. to Dance: 

This class introduces dance to students in a fun way. It gives the dancer a variety of Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, and Jazz, which will be covered throughout the year. This class is an excellent start for the preschooler (3-5 years old) or a child who has not experienced dance class before (up to 6 years old).


Jazz (6 vrs & up):

Jazz is offered to help strengthen the upper body with the emphasis on flexibility. Correct posture and coordination are very important while learning the basic dance skills. We currently offer four different levels of jazz.


Hip-Hop (6 yrs & up):

Using funk and popular dance music, the class explores the culture, music and dance of Hip-Hop. Coordination is very important while learning the basic Hip-Hop dance skills. We currently offer two different levels of hip hop.


Lyrical And Contemporary Jazz Combination Class:

A lyrical dancer's movements attempt to show the meaning of the music. Lyrical jazz is a very passionate and emotional dance style. It portrays certain emotions such as love, and tells a story through every movement made.


Every year, all dances offered are subject to change. We base the classes offered on enrollment in each class, and interest in different styles.